About Beverly Marshall
Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

Beverly Marshall became a life coach after successfully transforming the darkest moments of her life into a personal mission to guide others with her unique ability to listen and learn the truth behind people’s personal stories.

Beverly brings over 20 years of experience in the human services field to her work as a life coach. She has worked in many different settings and with a diverse population.

Beverly has facilitated AIDS patients in their final moments of life as well as helping their families work through these losses; she has worked with groups in the prison system that include people that have murdered; she has worked intensively with people who struggle with addiction and family dysfunction.

Beverly also works with people who have been diagnosed with disabilities who have had severe loss and suffering in their lives.

She has studied with Jerry Jampolsky at the Attitudinal Healing Center, where she specialized in counseling techniques that focus on healing the individual, instead of merely diagnosing and treating a psychological disease.

For over 8 years, Beverly conducted workshops, taught courses, and facilitated group discussions, giving others the tools to change their perceptions and transform their thoughts into positive actions.

I’m Beverly Marshall, this is my story.

In 1985 – My Husband committed suicide leaving me with two babies ages 3 and 14 months, I ran for my life – his family accused me of a murder that did not happen.

I moved in with a man who later became one of history’s most wanted serial killers, convicted of killing 34 people, he picked up my children from day care every day. He said he would never be able to live without me.

Shortly after running home to my mother for love and support she died of cancer, her female lover took all of her estate and possessions. I did not even get to have closure with her.

Three years later I went to my father for healing; he too committed suicide by shooting himself.

I gave up on life . . . then in 1991 I gave birth to a daughter who was born with a severe heart problem and died in my arms 10 hours after her birth. My daughter’s death was the catalyst to my personal healing. Acceptance of her death brought healing to my life . . .

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